tinyTech Won Bryant’s Start-Me-Up Competition/Workshop

On February 2, 2013 tinyTech went to a local college start-up workshop/competition at Bryant University called ‘Start-Me-Up’, an event that focused on college students’ start-ups. We were provided with professional advice ranging from financial tips to understanding our target market. Each professional that met with us helped focus our product and give us a more clear understanding of what we needed to do and how to do it. We were also were given advice on what intellectual property rights we have to protect our product and ideas. Overall it was an amazing experience and we would like to thank all of the speakers who came to Bryant to meet with us out. Everyone was of great help and the advice given will be put to full use.

After the workshop each start-up was given an opportunity to pitch their idea to a panel of judges. The winner was graded on their overall idea, how clear it was, the chance of success, and a few other deciding factors. tinyTech was up against multiple Bryant and JWU start-ups (around 13 total) with ideas ranging from gourmet food trucks, to digital business cards. In the end tinyTech took first place, and with it $1,000 in start-up money to get us started. It was overall an excellent experience and we would like to thank everyone at Bryant university who helped make it happen. tinyTech will continue development on University Advisor and make sure we use our winnings and professional advice the best we can.

New Years came early for tinyTech (LLC).

As of December 17, 2012, tinyTech is filed with the secretary of state, and we are now an official LLC Connecticut company! Please check back soon for product updates!

tinyTech won JWU’s SharkFest Competition

On Dec 12, 2012 tinyTech participated in Johnson & Wales’ SharkFest Competition. tinyTech was able to place first in the technology division and won a Johnson & Wales paid business expense account, an incubator space for our company at Johnson & Wales’ entrepreneurship center and professional business and legal advisers. The pitch from the competition is featured in the video below.



Election Tracker – Now Available for Android

Election Tracker is the best and easiest ad-free source  for up-to-date election results. Released on Nov 5 by tinyTech LLC to the Play Store,  Election Tracker has the most simple User Interface of any election tracking app. The bar separated in the middle slides dynamically based on which of the two main candidates has the most electoral votes .

The app also will keep you up-to-date out of the app. Whether you are surfing the web or texting your friend, Election Tracker keeps the most up to date election stats easy to access in your notification bar. If you choose to want to be updated when you please, the notifications can be disabled easily via the built-in Android menu button.

So whether don’t feel like checking hourly through your slow mobile browser or are stuck  in work or class, Election Tracker is the fastest and easiest way to keep up to date on the election status.  Election Tracker is available on the Google Play Store for download on any android device and will continue to be used even after the US election – check back here for future app updates!

** After The Fact **
A huge thanks go out to all contributing parties involved in this app. RoboTechEd and tinyClark for the App Development and results updating, and Rebecca Leeds for the app graphics and design.

From 7pm when the electora votes began rolling in, until just past midnight our server was being overloaded with requests, sending out updates over 100 times per second, sending a total of 2.5 million queries, forcing us to preform an emergency server upgrade. We would also like to apologize to anyone who had trouble retrieving updates on their device, as well as being able to view the votes by state, in which a problem was detected soon after it was released to the market, not giving us enough time to fix it.